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It is an organic soil type that is formed as a result of the plant activities coming to the forefront with the decrease in the water level in the lake beds, the death of the plant with the increase in the water level in winter and the continuous repetition of this natural phenomenon and the alternating accumulation of plant roots and stems lasting thousands of years.


VERMITORF is an organic soil conditioner. It provides an ideal growth environment by regulating the air and humidity of the soil around the roots. Does not contain nutrients. It is a very valuable material in potted ornamental plants and seedling cultivation. It has a fibrous structure and the pH is in the range of 5.5 - 6.5 or 3.5 - 4.5.


VERMITORF, also known as peat soil, is moist and rainy in regions with low summer temperatures.  swamp  It occurs as a result of partial decay of plants (usually called Sphagnum and swamp reeds) that grow in water and similar underwater lands by collapsing at the bottom of the water, and forming thick beds by rotting and accumulating for years in an environment that is disconnected from air under water.

Vermitorf Properties

  • It has high water holding capacity.

  • It has high ventilation capacity.

  • It does not carry diseases and pests.

  • Ec and ph are variable.

  • It is suitable for growing all kinds of plants.

  • It is light in volume.

  • It is very suitable for mortar making.

  • Necessary nutrients can be added


Vermitorf Usage Areas

  • In tree planting.

  • in landscape applications.

  • Turf field maintenance and repairs.

  • Pot change in indoor and ornamental plants.

  • In planting seedlings.

  • In mushroom production.

  • In soils with increased chemical ratios and hardness (as a soil conditioner).

  • in all areas of organic agriculture.

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