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SOLIKIT,  It is a biofertilizer extract obtained from red California worms. It is a highly effective, ecological humin fertilizer that is widely used in all agricultural products grown in open fields and greenhouses. It is used in crops such as vegetables, wheat, corn, sunflowers, grapes, fruits, strawberries, flower and ornamental shrubs, grass fields, essential oil-bearing plants, fiber plants and medicinal plants, tree species, etc. The essence, dissolved, contains the most important nutrients of biofertilizer – Humic acids, Fulvic acids and all macro and micro elements required for the plant, in concentrated form. These properties allow it to be used as a soil fertilizer before and during plant reproduction, and also as a foliar fertilizer.

Solikite Advantages

  • It is used both as a source of nutrients and as a growth stimulator for plants.

  •   It is used as a soil enrichment for humus-poor soils. Useful soil revitalizes the microflora and   It improves the structure of the soil and transforms the organogen elements of the soil into a structure where plants can be taken.

  •   High organic nitrogen content is extremely important for soils lacking organic matter, especially after long mineral fertilization.

  •   The nutrients it contains can stay in the soil for a longer time, which allows plants to perceive them better.

  •   It dissolves quickly in water and is compatible with all pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture. 

Image by Etienne Girardet
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