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It is an organic growing medium consisting of the outer shell of the coconut (after the edible walnut part is removed). In addition to its woody structure, the outer bark contains plenty of fiber, coarse to fine grained cocopeat (peat) and dust particles. rough part; It consists of bark and fibers. The decomposed fines are sieved to remove dust and form COCOPEAT, also known as coconut peat.

Cocopeat is one of the best known rooting and growing media. %one hundred  It is organic and recyclable.


  • It has the capacity to hold water up to 9-10 times its weight.

  • The natural pH of the Cocoverm plant growing medium is around 6.0.

  • It is a completely natural and organic product.

  • It drains water very well.

  • It is easy and effortless to use.

  • It allows the plant roots to breathe and the roots to grow freely without being compressed.

  • Cocoverm saves water, fertilizer, time and labor. 

  • Cocoverm is a renewable resource without the problem of harmful waste. 

Cocoverm Features

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