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    VERMISOL Naturel Tarım San.veTic.Ltd.Şti. Our company, titled, has its head office in Istanbul and was established in 2011. Organic Vermicompost, Peat, Cocopeat, Indoor and Outdoor Ornamental Plants Export, Peat and Fertilizer  mixes and Biocomposting system is the field of activity of our company. As of 2011, it has aimed to market its product range with our foreign partners in the agricultural sector.

  Our company has strategically determined to meet the first degree Organic Fertilizer input needed by Organic Agriculture, which is rapidly developing in Turkey, with both technological and natural systems. Within the framework of this strategy, VERMISOL has completed its brand formation. VERMISOL organic vermicompost has the feature of appealing directly to both the farmer and the consumer who has a relationship with the soil. Organic vermicompost production is made by different methods today.


  VERMISOL is produced with technological systems that are rarely used in the world. Our company has started R&D studies on this system since the second half of 2009, and has created the production process as of 2011. VERMISOL is a product that has been completed with a technological system untouched by human hands and presented to the service of the final consumer, the whole production process is organic due to its structure.

   VERMISOL  customer  It imports Peat from Baltic countries and Cocopeat from South Asian countries. As a result of indoor and outdoor ornamental plant demands from foreign countries, it started to export plants. Expanding its product range day by day in response to market demands, VERMISOL started its operations as UAB VERMISOL LT in Lithuania as of 2016. established his company.


   Our company  VERMISOL  Thanks to the production technology it has developed day by day, it aims at high quality and efficiency in the agricultural world.

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