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VERMISOLID is obtained from the dung of Lumbricus Rubellis worms, known as the Red California Worm. In the production of VERMISOLID  worms' bait does not contain any waste, garbage, etc. The worms feed only on organically grown cattle droppings. With this feature, VERMISOLID is the vermicompost with the highest productivity rate. biohumus; improves the physical properties of the soil,  the soil becomes more friable. As a result, the fertilized soil retains the required moisture (IRRIGATION REQUIREMENTS REDUCE 30%) or more? drains (PLANTS DO NOT rot). from its competitors  differently; During the VERMISOLID production phase, worms are fed only with cattle manure.  


  • It restores the natural health, life and fertility of the soil.

  •   Excellent price to performance ratio and other cost benefit situations.

  •   It is safe, easy and enjoyable to use.

  •   Increases seed germination & root growth.

  •   The plant activates the immune system.

  •   By activating the nutrition cycle, it contributes to the plants getting more nutrients.

  •   It increases the endurance of plants against the end.

  •   Increases resistance to stress caused by drought, compaction and maintenance practices.

  •   It helps to overcome the problems associated with low photosynthesis.

  •   It avoids creating a danger with excessive intervention.

  •   It burns the fringe and black layer.

  •   Eliminates the need to administer other bio-stimulants. 

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