Our Products

Our Company, named VERM?SOL Naturel Tar?m San. ve Tic. Ltd, is resident at its registered office in ISTANBUL and was incorporated in 2011. Subject of activity of our Company is Bio Composting system including organic Vermicompost. As of 2011, our Company has the objective of marketing its product range through its partners abroad in the agricultural field.

Our Company has adopted the strategy of satisfying the Organic Fertilizer input needed in the 1st degree by the Organic Agriculture, recently ever-growing in Turkey either by technological or natural systems. Within the frame of this strategy, VERMISOL has completed its trademark formation. VERMISOL Organic Vermicompost is both for the farmers and the consumers dealing with the soil.

Today, organic vermicompost production is made by various methods. VERMISOL is produced by means of technological systems rarely used in the world. Our Company started its R&D activities on the system as of the 2nd half of 2009 and constituted the production process as of 2011. VERMISOL is a product, produced and finished by an untouched technological system and offered for the use by the end-users; and entire structural production of VERMISOL is organic.

VERMISOL, the name of both our Company and trademark, targets at high quality and productivity in the agriculture world thanks to the production technology developed day by day.