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VERMISOL has penetrated into the world of agriculture with its entirely organic structure. The organic fertilizer is an important agricultural input for the human health, as it increases the productivity of the soil and it has no chemical substance and is completely natural.

In all over the world many health problems arise out of non-organic agricultural production. VERMISOL is not only of organic nature but also ensures improvement and enrichment of the soil.

Our Company provides the farmers with information on the benefits and utilization of VERMISOL and applies personal selling with its experienced team constituted in the body of our Company. Although the technology has progressed so far, the agriculture is the most important factor for the human being. Today, developed countries give more importance to the production of the organic products and make their agricultural investments in this direction. Our country is largely an agriculture country. Therefore, upon consideration of the population density of our country, the organic agriculture should be given necessary importance. The agricultural products produced with VERMISOL are 100% organic and significant for the human health.

Our priority target is to tell the farmers positive data of VERMISOL in the agriculture; to demonstrate its correct and appropriate usage; and to ensure healthy and strong future generations.